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31 Best 5x5 Solar Post Cap Lights in 2023 [Reviews included]

There are several advantages to installing 5x5 solar post cap lights at your house, and there are never any electrical or cabling charges. Post caps will shield your fence posts from the elements, beautify and secure your property by illuminating it.

In addition, it instantly helps improve the curb appeal so you can enjoy it every time you go home. Your house and terrace will seem even more attractive thanks to 5x5 solar post cap lights. These will enhance your outside area's atmosphere, illumination, and fun.

While purchasing 5x5 solar post cap lights, you should consider many factors, including capacity, efficiency, size, warranty, etc. Especially capacity is the utmost important factor you should care about because it helps enhance lighting quality.

To make a precise decision in buying 5x5 solar post cap lights, let’s read our reviews!

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Can you turn off solar post cap lights?

Standard post cap light always possesses an on/off switch, you can turn on them continuously, but the on/off switch will provide users more options during the usage process. When you install this device for the first time, ensure the switch is "off" during the initial charge and turn it on when they are fully charged. If the solar lights have any misfunction, you can contact the retailers of the manufacturers for assistance. 

How do you turn on solar post cap lights?

Put the batteries in. Snap the top back onto the side panels to replace it. (Make sure the stubs on the top line up with the holes in the sides.) To completely charge, leave your solar post cap in the sun for 24 to 48 hours.

How do you remove deck post caps?

Most post cap lights adhere to the instructor's surface by the PVS glue, this might impede when you want to remove the post caps. The most prevalent way is to use a small hammer and carefully impact the underside of this product. 

This will help you diminish the adhesion between the post caps and the surface, allowing you to remove them easily. After that, scrub the surface thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Why Don't My 5x5 Solar Post Cap Lights Light Up?

The batteries are typically at blame when 5 inch solar post cap lights don't function. Either they are not holding it, or they are not receiving a charge. 

If the lights function with regular batteries, it is evident that the solar panel or rechargeable batteries cause the issue.

How Are Solar Post Caps Turned On?

Firmly grasping the sides, take the top off by pulling it off. Pull the red tab (if factory-installed) to activate the battery connection. 

If your cap cover has a switch, flip the switch on to turn on the solar cell before putting the top back on.

How Durable Are Solar Post Caps?

Depending on how often it is used, a 5x5 solar post cap light can survive between two and eight years. The battery can be changed, partially, or exposed to all types of weather.

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