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31 Top Rated of 6000w Solar Generator [Bestseller $ Buying Guide]

If you are wondering, “what is the best 6000w solar generator?” We're here to solve your problems! By researching 33,087 to come up with the most accurate information, we believe we can help you find 6000w solar generator!

These are top-rated products from objective reviews of consumers; we listed top 31 6000w solar generator currently, which is helpful for you to choose among lots of brands such as Jackery, WEN, Goal Zero, BLUETTI, EF ECOFLOW, MAXOAK, Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment, Champion Power Equipment, Generark, DuroMax, Pulsar, Nature's Generator, OUPES.

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In comparison to gas generators, solar generators are of remarkable quality. Gas generators produce a lot of noise and consume dirty fuel. On the other side, solar generators have zero environmental impact and produce no noise.

Because of this, there are more and more people who want to buy a generator, especially the 6000w one.

You should be aware of what you are purchasing, and for this reason, you should know how many devices a 6000-watt generator is capable of powering at once. Even if it does not have a lot of power, a 6k genny can generate enough electricity to maintain your home at a comfortable temperature, keep it illuminated with lights, and operate your refrigerator and television. Without a hitch, it could manage a load of up to 50 amps with a voltage of 120 volts.

In the next part, we will give you a rundown of the greatest 6000-watt solar generator available on the market. Keep reading to explore our top picks.








Jackery Solar Generator 1500

Best Seller

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WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt RV-Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Best Overall


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WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt 120V/240V Dual Fuel Generator 

Best For Off-grid Living

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Goal Zero Yeti 6000X Portable Power Station

Best For Large Homes

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BLUETTI Expandable Power Station

Best Budget

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1. Best Seller: Jackery Solar Generator 1500


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The Jackery 1500 is a respectable piece of equipment. It is not very heavy, and it features an inverter that is rather powerful for powering anything that requires 120 volts of electricity. The battery is of a respectable capacity, and according to the manufacturer, it can be charged rather rapidly.

It is genuinely capable of operating pretty much anything with a power consumption of fewer than 1,800 watts. Common home voltage is 110v or 120v. Since they are practically the same thing, for the sake of keeping the arithmetic simple, we will simply choose 120 volts since that is the voltage that is most often used nowadays.

The Jackery 1500 has regulated outlets throughout, making it a safe choice for usage in any situation by ensuring that the specified voltage and amperage are supplied to the connected device even when the battery is depleted.

Additionally, the Jackery 1500 is equipped with a Lithium NMC battery, which is more commonly referred to as a Lithium-ion battery. With this type of battery, this solar generator can push power out continuously and without issue, whether the load is at its maximum capacity of 1,800 watts or at a very low load. 


2. Best Overall: WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt Generator


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You may have just discovered a nice generator for your RV that does not cost too much, so keep reading if this is what you've been searching for. The WEN 56380i is a brand-new 3800 inverter generator that was just made available to the public and was designed with aficionados of travel trailers in mind.

We think it's great that the WEN 56380i is equipped with a special outlet for RVs. It is essential for generator manufacturers to keep up with the growing demand for their products in the United States as the number of people choosing to make their homes in RVs continues to grow. Therefore, the fact that just a few of the generators now available on the market come with RV receptacles is somewhat unexpected to say the least. One example of such a generator is the WEN 56380i.

This WEN generator has the same silent operation. At a load of 25 percent, the noise level would be around 57 dB. The noise level produced by this device is noticeably lower in comparison to that produced by traditional open-frame generators working at the same power.

This generator would work without issue in the vast majority of campgrounds and RV parks you visit.  In addition, the generator has a run time that is sufficiently extended. Under typical conditions, you should be able to maintain operation for somewhere about 8 hours. 

Consider that the duration of this period may be reduced if the generator were to be constantly operated at greater loads. However, if you want to use it to power your air conditioner while you are boondocking at night, for instance, you should have no trouble keeping it running for the whole night.


3. Best For Off-grid Living: WEN DF1100T Generator 


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The Wen DF1100 is a hardy piece of equipment that, in addition to having a high wattage output, provides you with the advantage of dual fuel and hybrid technology. This generator is capable of operating on either gasoline or propane as its fuel source. 

The cost of the WEN DF1100 is perhaps the feature that stands out the most to customers. There is a high likelihood that you can get this generator at a price lower than one thousand dollars. Although this is a considerable amount of money, it would be quite difficult to get a generator with comparable capabilities for this price.

That is not to suggest that the Wen DF1100 is the only portable generator on the market that is affordably priced, has high power, and can run on both gasoline and diesel. We have looked for other generators that are equivalent to the Wen and can be purchased for a comparable price. It is up to you to determine which of these dual fuel generators will be the most suitable for the requirements of your house or worksite.

Even while the Wen DF1100 may be regarded as the generator that offers the greatest value for money in this evaluation, the others also have some advantages. If you're searching for a camping or RV generator that can meet more than just your essential requirements, any of these can be a more cost-effective choice than others for providing the additional power you need.


4. Best For Large Homes: Goal Zero Yeti 6000X Solar-Powered Generator


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This Goal Zero Yeti is equipped with a lithium-ion storage capacity of 6071 Watt-hours right out of the box, which makes it one of the "portable" batteries available on the market today with the highest possible capacity. In any case, this solar generator has a very lengthy play duration. For instance, battery life of 6,071 watt-hours is sufficient to run a full-size refrigerator for over four days without needing to be recharged. You will be relieved to have this battery on hand to serve as a secondary power source.

It is necessary to charge a battery in order for it to function, and the 6000X has three different options for charging it: solar, AC, or DC. Having this information makes it very simple to charge this device with up to 400W of continuous solar power either at home, while on the road (via the carport), or while working outside in the sun.

After you have finished charging your Yeti 6000X, there are a variety of uses for the power that you may put it to. The Yeti 6000X is equipped with a wide range of outlets, some of which are wall outlets, others are 12 DC, and still, others are three distinct kinds of USB ports (including fast charging).


5. Best Budget: BLUETTI Solar Generator For Home Backup


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The absence of an integrated battery is the primary characteristic that differentiates the flagship Bluetti AC300 model from the other Bluetti power stations. Because of this, if you were to press the power button and anticipate that the OLED display would light up, you would end up feeling a little bewildered.

When you purchase this solar power station, you will also get an extension cable and B300 batteries that may be connected to the station by utilizing the expansion cable that is supplied.

The B300 batteries are massive, with each one weighing close to 80 pounds on its own. Even though they are somewhat heavy, they weigh about one-half as much as the Bluetti EP500. In order to receive a source of energy that is readily accessible, they derive their power from lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries feature a capacity of around 3100 watt-hours, an indicator that shows the level of charge, a 12V output, as well as 4 USB ports, and a switch that turns the main power on and off.

In addition to being able to manage 2400W of solar input, the AC300 is a pure sine wave inverter with a capacity of 3000W. This provides you with a substantial amount of power, allowing you to charge your electronic devices or run a refrigerator. Each AC300 solar power station has the capacity to have a total of four batteries attached to it at the same time.

Because the AC300 itself weighs just around 48 pounds, it is not very cumbersome to move about and is simple to use.

Before you take this solar generator out on the open road, you need to be sure that you are prepared to transport the extra 80 pounds that the B300 battery requires. The B300 batteries are equipped with rubber footing and built-in handles that make them easier to manage.



Here, we'll talk about what to look for in a high-quality 6000w solar generator.


If you want to use your solar generator in the great outdoors, taking it on the road or camping, mobility is a must. The total weight, including batteries and other components, shouldn't be more than 30 pounds, and the device should be easily transportable.

Dimensions and Types of Batteries

Your battery's capacity will affect how long it can remain operational as well as how many devices it can power at once. The 300Wh should be plenty to charge computers and mobile phones. A greater watt-hour rating is preferable if you want to avoid a power outage.

You should also look for generators powered by Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer batteries since they last a long time.


A generator's output is limited by the Inverter's capacity to convert DC electricity into AC. If possible, choose a generator with a larger wattage rating than the device you want to run off of it.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels may be costly. If you need a generator but are worried about cost or portability, look for one that also has solar panels.

Ports and MPPT Charge Controller

If you want to use your solar generator to power a wide variety of devices, you should give some thought to the quantity and variety of output ports available.

Choose one with an integrated maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller to minimize energy waste and improve the battery's performance in dim light. The price may increase to account for this added convenience.

Easy Setup

Not only will the installation of your generator not need you to spend money on gasoline, but it also won't take very long. The vast majority are simple to use, and they all provide user manuals.

In order to use it, you must first connect the panels, ports, and batteries. These power plants may be easily transported thanks to their lightweight construction and convenient carrying handles.


1. What can be powered by a generator with 6,000 watts of power?

A 6-kilowatt generator will be sufficient to power a typical home. 2 fans, a heater or furnace, an electric clothes dryer, an LCD television, an electric water heater, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, and a bore pump should be OK on 6 kilowatts.

Keep the load down on your 6kW generator by not running the furnace while you're utilizing high-capacity devices, such as a bore pump.

2. When considering a solar generator, how large should it be?

The constant output of an inverter is a good benchmark for determining the size of the generator. Take a 4,000-watt inverter and an 8,000-watt generator as an example. A generator with an output of at least 8 kilowatts (kW) would be necessary to provide all of the necessary electricity to the loads and still have enough left over to charge the battery bank.

3. Can a solar generator be used even while it is being recharged?

In order to operate solar generators while they are charging, enough energy must be available. In the event that the power demand is more than what your generator is able to give, you run the risk of running into complications. Avoid overloading the generator by using it to power more devices than it can sustain.


The vast majority of us only run out to purchase generators when we hear reports of natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, or other such events. But in such haste, you may not be able to choose the most cost-effective model.

The wattage of a generator's output is one of the main metrics by which they are priced and sold. A 6000-watt generator can power essential household appliances.

To avoid having to run several cables from the generator to your home's electrical panel, you should see whether the model you're considering has a transfer switch.

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