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22 Best Solar Parking Lot Lights - Reviews $ Buying Guide

If you are wondering, “what is the best solar parking lot lights?” We're here to solve your problems! By researching 2,373 to come up with the most accurate information, we believe we can help you find best solar parking lot lights!

These are top-rated products from objective reviews of consumers; we listed top 22 best solar parking lot lights currently, which is helpful for you to choose among lots of brands such as LEONLITE, Szyoumy, TENKOO, YQL, Lcamaw, KUKUPPO, Lovus, APONUO, WERISE, SOLLA, Juyace, NIORSUN, BEEZOK, HYKOONT, HANDAR.

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The solar parking lot lights are quickly becoming the lighting option of choice for developers and builders working in the current day. They have a number of advantages that other types of lamps do not, such as cheaper energy costs, fewer maintenance expenses, and a greater quality of light output.

Businesses who are trying to cut down on their energy bills and make improvements to their energy efficiency will find that Greenshine solar energy public parking lights are an excellent option. Because LED outdoor parking lot lights can emit a substantial number of lumens while using a much lower wattage than other types of bulbs, they are ideal for use with solar power.

In this post, we will review the best solar parking lights for you, and we also include some buying guide to make it easier for you to pick a suitable one.   








LEONLITE 300W LED Parking Lot Light

Best Seller

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SZYOUMY outdoor solar light

Best Overall


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TENKOO Solar Street Lights Outdoor

Best For Off-grid Living

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YQL 100W Powered LED Solar Motion Sensor Detector Activated Lights

Best For Large Homes

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48LEDs 900LM IP65 Waterproof High Lumen Solar Lights 4 Modes Emergency Light

Best Budget

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1. Best Overall: LEONLITE 300W LED Parking Lot Light


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The LEONLITE 300W LED Parking Lot Light is our first product of interest. Besides its stealthy and modest appearance, this sleek black light glows at an incredible 39,000 lumens, which is far more than most other solar parking lot lights

Moreover, to ensure that it doesn't become excessively bright in some locations, it incorporates a built-in dimmer switch. Die-cast aluminum was used to construct the exterior, contributing to the product's exceptional longevity and capacity to dissipate heat.

In addition, the light fixture itself has surge protection, making it an ideal choice for use in settings such as parking lots, stadiums, or even farms. It has one mode that allows for human control and another that allows for automatic management depending on the amount of natural light that is present outdoors. 

Since it's powered by the sun, it will not increase the cost of your monthly electricity bill, and setting it up is quite simple; all you need to do is put the solar panel on the roof and connect it to the light. This is an excellent product, but the purchase price is quite a bit more than that of the majority of other solar-powered led parking lot lights.


2. Most Durable: SZYOUMY Outdoor Solar Light


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The SZYOUMY Solar Outdoor Light has anti-glare LEDs that glow at 2200 lumens, and its aluminum casing protects all of these components from the elements. This ensures that it will not rust and that it can endure the majority of weather conditions. Unlike other solar parking lot lights, this one comes with a remote control that enables you to regulate the brightness from afar.

With the included mounting bracket, it's as simple as hanging it from a lamp post, wall, or even the ceiling. There is no need for complicated wiring or a hazardous setup. 

In addition, you won't see an increase in your monthly power bill thanks to the high-quality solar panel that charges it throughout the day and then keeps on giving you light all through the night. However, it has a large solar panel that will need to be cleaned regularly, but it's not a problem.


3. Modern Design: TENKOO Solar Street Lights Outdoor

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The TENKOO Solar Street Lights are the next product on the list. This light has a modern aesthetic that is brilliant white, making it an excellent choice for use in almost all parking lots. 

In addition to being a parking lot light, it also serves as a security system thanks to its 1500-lumen LEDs, which automatically vary their brightness depending on the adjacent activity and light levels. 

The mounting and setting up of the light is quite simple; all that is required is to switch on the light.  Because there is no need for cables, the majority of individuals will feel comfortable installing this device. When installed at the recommended 9-foot height, it provides a lighting area of about 300 square feet, making it an excellent option for most parking areas. 

The main drawback of this solar-powered parking lot light is that, even when turned up to its highest settings, it only emits an illumination of 1500 lumens; thus, certain individuals may want something more powerful.

4. Best Worth For the Money: YQL 100W Powered LED Solar Lights


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The YQL 100W Powered LED Solar is a reasonably effective product for the price, considering it can provide a maximum light of 2200 lumens. You simply need to attach the solar panel and connect it to the light in order to use it since its structure makes it highly discrete. This allows it to be utilized without having an effect on the overall appearance of your property.

It also takes advantage of the natural sunlight that is present in the area in order to charge its premium battery. When fully charged, it offers an astonishing 16 to 20 hours of illumination! The majority of the other solar-led parking lot lights mentioned on our list are much shorter than this one. 

As a result of its variable brightness settings, it is suitable for use in almost any environment, including more personal settings such as a garden at home. Before you decide to buy this product, you should keep in mind that it is, unfortunately, not robust enough for certain environments.


In order to choose the best solar parking lot lights, you need preferably know the following things:

Mounting styles

The most typical approach to illuminating a parking lot is using LED pole light fixtures; however, floodlights may also be used. The majority of the time, floodlights are installed on walls, poles, or in the landscaping, which enables them to serve their intended purpose while also contributing to the visual appeal of their surroundings. Your lighting needs will be decided by how high the pole or floodlight is positioned, how bright it is, and how large an area is being illuminated.


A lumen (lm) is the unit of measurement used to express the total amount of visible light that is emitted by a single source during a certain amount of time. The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) suggests that an average of 5 foot-candles of illumination should be provided throughout the whole of a parking lot that is intended to provide security.

Light quality

Color temperatures may vary from a warmer to a colder setting. It is also essential to make sure that the illumination is consistent throughout. There is a potential for hot and cold spots to appear on security cameras if the illumination is not uniformly distributed.


LED lighting saves a significant amount of energy compared to traditional lighting. Controls for the lighting are another crucial component in optimizing the operation of your parking lot.

Solar and battery storage

The energy from the sun is captured by photovoltaic cells and then stored in a battery for later use to power the solar parking lot lights. Therefore, ensure the battery and solar panel have a big milliampere-hour capacity (mAh).

While evaluating the energy consumption of the luminaire, it is essential to check the solar panel to battery ratio. Make sure the solar panel has adequate power to charge the battery, and check that the battery is capable of powering the light for a number of hours at a time.


1. Is it a good idea to invest in solar-powered lighting for the parking lot?

Yes. When faced with the initial investment required, many companies and governments cringe when considering solar parking lot lighting as an option. As a general rule, due to the extrasolar components, the price of a solar light will be around fifty percent more than the price of a conventional light.

2. What type of outdoor light works best for parking lots?

LEDs are recommended for use in parking lots because they require less energy, provide a pleasing hue, and are very durable. LED outdoor lights have exceptionally long lifespans and provide tailored lighting, both of which contribute to a reduction in light pollution. However, LED outdoor lights are more costly.

3. How long does it typically take to install a solar-powered street light?

If you want to do this task manually, it will take between 15 and 20 minutes. In addition to this, you will want the assistance of at least four or five guys in order to complete the installation correctly. In a nutshell, the whole installation should not take more than two hours if it is carried out in the correct order and in stages.

4. What is the recommended lumen output for a parking lot?

The lumen output of 16000–20000 is ideal for illuminating a space of 15–20 ft. Meanwhile, a light with 40,000 lumens is the best option to go with if you want to illuminate a distance of 20 to 30 feet.

5. What is the cost of the lights in the parking lot?

The cost of adequately lighting an outdoor parking lot of average size normally ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. This price range covers the installation of light poles as well as LED lights for the parking lot in question. It is possible that a bigger parking lot might incur more costs. Nevertheless, clients often get what they want within that price range.


While solar-powered lighting may be an excellent investment for your business, you should be aware of the risks that employing these lights may entail, particularly in densely populated regions. Nonetheless, as long as the installation is done properly and there is enough sunshine, this should not be a problem at all.

For those who have considered all of the difficulties we have discussed and still wish to use solar lights, we believe they are likely to be a good candidate for the savings and safety that solar lights can provide. 

We hope our post will help you have more information about solar parking lot lights. And wish all of you could find the best one for yourself.

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