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22 Top Rated Of Solar String Lights & Reviews & Buying Guide

Solar string lights bring glimmer and whimsy to your outdoor area, making it a more inviting place to socialize or rest in the evenings and on weekends. There are many ways you may use them in your garden. For example, you can hang them over your dining table; weave them through the beams of your pergola, or thread them from trees to create an atmosphere.

Solar-powered solutions make more sense than traditional outdoor string lights if you don't have an electrical outlet where installing one is practical. Solar panels are an alternative that is not only cost effective but also beneficial to the environment since they do not contribute to your monthly power bill. Keeping this in mind, continue reading for some pointers on how to choose the most appropriate solar string lights, as well as for further information on the options that are being highlighted here.

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What Is Solar String Light?

To begin, a string of lights is a kind of luminary that consists of a cable and several light bulbs strung along the wire at equal intervals. In most cases, the sizes and colors of these bulbs will vary, but regardless of their specifics, the area underneath them will be suitably illuminated with white light.

In modern times, to enhance it, people often use LED lights instead of normal bulbs or hanging lanterns to obtain a better visual impact. Additionally, in order to power it, solar energy, a source of energy that is more sustainable, is used.

This solar string light uses solar energy to light up its LED bulbs, which are absorbed by a solar panel and are then used to charge the battery that is included in the control box. As a result, they are a reasonable choice for outdoor use.

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How Does It Work?

Solar items generally use a fundamental framework consisting of a rechargeable battery, photovoltaic cells, a light sensor, and an LED light bulb. Nevertheless, based on the manufacturer, certain models already have a timer in the package.

Solar string lights consist of individual photovoltaic cells that are housed inside a solar panel. Solar energy is amassed and stored in these cells, which are responsible for the process. They, along with the battery, are primarily responsible for the operation of the lighting system. 

The kind and efficiency of your solar panels, as well as the weather conditions of the day, are the main factors that determine how quickly and how much power your system produces. Therefore, if you want these lights to last longer, you need to ensure that they are located in an area that is frequently exposed to sunlight.

A battery acts as a source of power for these lights. Hence, when deciding between models, it is advisable to choose the option with a larger battery capacity. Between 800 and 1,000 mAH is a reasonable range to look for.

Thanks to the light sensor, when it is already beginning to get dark outside, the lights will switch on by themselves. After then, the lights will continue to illuminate until the device has used up all of the battery it has saved.

After finishing their work for a day, the light sensors will automatically switch off the light, start the process of charging, and be ready to use the following day again.

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Factors To Considered When Selecting the Best Solar String Lights

The type and the form

Solar string light bulbs may be purchased in various designs and configurations, including Edison, globe, fairy, and lantern lights.

  • Globe: These bulbs, available in a range of diameters, are often used in hanging pendants, contemporary chandeliers, or outdoor string lights. You can purchase them in many colors, such as warm white, cool white, and amber. In addition, their traditional and everlasting design is a perfect match for many different décor arrangements, from angular contemporary sitting areas to warm boho patios. A little glitz and allure is brought to an outdoor setting by the use of globe lamps.
  • Edison: Light bulbs sold under the Edison brand are styled to resemble Thomas Edison's original creation. These conventional incandescent bulbs offer a brilliant aspect that is reminiscent of a bygone era, thanks to the visible filaments that are housed inside them. Edison-style light bulbs fashioned after modern LED technology give the familiar appearance of vintage light bulbs while boosting the efficiency of LED technology.
  • Lantern: Paper, plastic, nylon, or tarpaulin may be used to make the lantern that covers the bulbs. Lanterns may be found in a wide variety of hues, designs, and sizes.
  • Fairy: These little bulbs, which are often no bigger than a rice grain, are shaped like fireflies and hang from a wire-like they are twinkling. Users may create a lovely atmosphere by stringing fairy lights over tree branches, shrubs, or even a fence. Also, they make excellent backdrops or Christmas lights.
  • Rope: Rope lights are little light bulbs that are covered in a clear cover to shield them from damage caused by the environment. Rope lights are versatile lighting options that may be looped around deck posts, draped from fences, and used to brighten garden areas. 

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When picking the size of the bulb, keep in mind the available outside area, how easy the installation will be, and the desired appearance. Choosing compact bulbs is a smart move when it comes to outdoor lighting since they won't compete with the area or other outdoor decorations you have. In most cases, they are more understated and provide soft illumination for the backdrop. Because they emit less light, they are often selected for reasons of decoration rather than illumination.

Large lights are more eye-catching and produce a more daring appearance. In addition, the greater size of these bulbs allows for more direct lighting. They often produce more light, making them more suited for bigger areas that require more illumination. Using large ornamental lights, like globe bulbs or Edison bulbs, may make a statement on one's sense of style.


Lumens are used to measure the quantity of light that a light bulb may produce. Generally, the brighter the bulb, the more lumens it has. However, lumens and watts are not to be confused with one another: Wattage is a measurement of how much electricity a bulb uses, not how brilliant the light produced by the bulb is. When choosing the bulb's brightness, you should consider the required lighting effect.

The lumen output of solar string light bulbs may vary anywhere from 5 to over 100 per bulb. Users sometimes choose solar lights for their glowing look rather than their brightness level; hence, solar lights with fewer lumens frequently function well to create an atmosphere.

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Color temperature

The Kelvin temperature scale is used to determine the color temperature of the solar string light. This scale determines whether the illumination is perceived as being warm or cold. Higher numbers indicate colder temperatures on the Kelvin scale, while lower numbers indicate warmer temperatures.

The temperature of the majority of lights seen in homes ranges from 2000 K to 6000 K. Light bulbs with a color temperature of approximately 2700 K produce a yellowish white light that is comforting and warm. Meanwhile, light bulbs with a color temperature of over 5000 K produce a cool blue light that is sharp and clear.

When compared to warm lighting, cold lighting may give the impression of being harsh, particularly when used in the evening. Warm lighting creates an atmosphere that is cozier and more welcoming. As a direct consequence of this, warmer bulbs are often used to provide ambient lighting for outdoor spaces.

Wire length

When determining the right length of solar string lights to hang outside, it is essential to consider both the size of the available outside area and the lighting arrangement. The most accurate method for calculating the needed length of wire is first to measure the location of the lights to be strung using a piece of string or twine. For instance, a modest patio area 6 feet by 8 feet would typically need between 25 and 50 feet of string lights.

Water resistance

Because outdoor solar string lights are often subjected to adverse weather, it is essential to choose a system that can withstand both high levels of humidity and strong gusts of wind. It's not good idea to have to take the string lights down every time it rains.

Carefully read description to see whether the lights are designed to be used outside. If they are, go on to the next step. Bringing inside illumination into the backyard or other outdoor space poses a risk of starting a fire. Second, you need to make sure that the product is resistant to water (or even waterproof, since even areas that are covered by a roof might get wet when it rains).

It is important to know that weather-resistant lights can withstand direct contact to water and have watertight seals to keep their internal components secure from moisture accumulation and potential safety hazards.

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1. What is the lifespan of solar string light's battery?

The batteries included inside outdoor solar lights will continue to function reliably for around three to four years until they need replacement. About the LED lights, they have a lifespan of more than ten years. Once the string lights cannot keep their charge throughout the night to illuminate the area, it is a sign that it is time to replace some of the components.

2. Can solar-powered string lights be left outside during the winter?

Even while solar-powered lights may be left on throughout the winter, you should still evaluate whether or not they will be able to charge effectively during the colder months. If there isn't a lot of sunshine where you live, then the solar lights you have won't be able to receive a sufficient charge to function properly.

3. How many times do lights need to charge fully?

Solar string lights need between five and eight hours of sunlight to charge fully. This estimate is predicated on direct sunshine during the relevant period, which may not always be achievable during the winter months.


In conclusion, I’d say that the most important thing to remember when it comes to solar string lights is that they are not just a decorative item for your home. They are functional ones. They, in addition, not only can save your money but also help the environment and give you the ability to show off your creativity. So, if you have the time and the inclination, go ahead and make your own.

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