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Top 21 Solar Operated Christmas Lights (Bestseller & Top Reviews & Buying Guide)

Solar operated Christmas lights are the way to go if you want to have the most impressive holiday decorations on the block.
Using solar operated Christmas lights, you can add some holiday cheer to the outside of your house with no increase in your utility bill. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also easy to install. You won't need to face the inconvenience of installing new outlets and wiring.
But since there are many choices, evaluating the best of the various lights may take time and effort. To help you solve this problem, we listed some outstanding options and highlighted their valuable characteristics.
Check out our top-rated solar operated Christmas lights to get the perfect set for your home this season!

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Top 5 Best Solar Operated Christmas Lights







Blingstar Solar Christmas Lights 75ft

Best Seller

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Multicolor Solar Christmas Lights 72ft

Best Overall


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Set of 2 Solar Powered 100-LED String Lights

Best For Off-grid Living

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QINOL 2-Pack 200LED 72FT Solar String Lights Outdoor

Best For Large Homes

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2-Pack 85FT Solar String Lights Outdoor

Best Budget

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Our Top Picks

Christmas lights are no longer unusual items when Christmas comes. People often use Christmas lights for decorating the house or the Christmas tree to make them more beautiful.

However, solar-operated Christmas lights are used by most families instead of electric-operated Christmas lights. The reason for that is solar Christmas lights are cheaper and friendlier. Solar Christmas lights save us lots of money from electricity bills by converting sunlight into electricity to illuminate, making it more affordable. 

These top best solar-operated Christmas lights listed below will give you a hand in finding the best one if you are searching for Christmas lights for the upcoming Christmas. 

Top 1: Best For Greatest Value For Money: Joomer Solar Christmas Lights 72ft 200 LED 8 Modes

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These Christmas lights are both beautiful and economical, making it wonderful to decorate the outside of your house. The multicolored LED bulbs in this string from Joomer create a cheery holiday setting. 

These lights' colors are very nice. You can set the mood with one of eight lighting options, some of which have flashing light shows. You will love that you can alter them from warm white to multicolor. 

You can use the 72-foot-long string of 200 LED lights to wrap over eaves, trees, and even your gardens.

These solar-powered holiday lights are equipped with a ground-stake solar panel. They charge throughout the day and turn on automatically at night, so position them in a sunny place. 

In only 6 hours, these lights can go from empty to fully charged, giving you 8 hours of illumination. 

Top 2: Best For Hanging Decoration: Lemontec 2-Pack Solar String Lights

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These solar operated Christmas lights have a waterdrop design that is both appealing and unique. They also have a stretched design that spreads out the illumination. These structures help them stand out more when strewn over a fence, patio railing or hung from a tree.

This set comes with two strands, each of which has a length of 20 feet and contains 30 multicolored bulbs. After a complete recharge, their brightness can last up to 10 hours. 

You may personalize your Christmas illumination the way you want by selecting between a flashing glow and a solid light. The lights may automatically go off as morning approaches using a light-sensing mode, which reduces energy use.

Top 3: Best For Using All Year Round: Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

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Brightech's retro-style Edison solar lights are an excellent choice for anybody searching for attractive outdoor illumination throughout the year. These lights, which come in two lengths (27 and 48 feet), are perfect for setting a romantic tone on your house.

The 15 big Edison lights on this string create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, which makes them perfect for setting a romantic mood. 

They resist the elements and can endure wind speeds up to 50 miles an hour. Therefore, you can rest confident that they will remain intact even if the weather turns bad.

These lights are great for Christmas and regular usage since they are not themed for any particular holiday. After being charged for 6 hours, they will last for 5-6 hours, making them perfect for outdoor Christmas decorations.

Top 4: Best For Remote Control & Timer: Blingstar Solar Christmas Lights 75ft 200 LED 8 Mode Solar String Lights

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Blingstar solar Chrismas lights are equipped with a large solar panel, which helps them get more sunlight in the daytime and has excellent performance at night. There are eight modes of illuminating and four different levels of lightness, which allows you to have great experiences.

Other features include easy to install, waterproof, memory function, etc. These solar Christmas lights are suitable for decoration on Christmas day in gardens, yards, lawns, patios, trees, and more. You can also hang it on coffee bars, pubs, bars, cafes, etc. 

Top 5: Best For Widely Used: Multicolor Solar Christmas Lights 72ft 200 LED 8 Modes Solar Powered Christmas Tree

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These multicolor Christmas lights have perfect dimensions of 19ft in length with 200 led lights and eight modes, perfect for hanging in trees, Christmas trees, yards, fences, or gardens. A memory chip helps them automatically remember the latest modes setting, which is convenient for using every day. Significantly, a sensitive sensor helps it automatically turn on in the dark and off in the daytime.

Other features include waterproof, high level of brightness, value for money, etc. 

Top 6: Best For DIY Design: Powered 100-LED String Lights, Outdoor Multicolor Copper Wire Fairy Lights

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With a small amount of money, you can get a 42.5ft in length with many other features such as waterproof, eight modes of illumination, a long-running time, and more. With the DIY design, it is easy for you to make it by your favorites, such as hanging in trees, hanging around Christmas trees, or fences. It is perfect for installation indoors and outdoor, like in rooms or at parties. 

Besides, QINOL, Lyhope, or EEW are other best solar-operated Christmas lights you should know. 

Buying Guides

Which solar operated Christmas lights are most suitable for your requirements depends on many factors. However, the three primary considerations are the lights’ designs, length, and lighting modes.


The shape of solar operated Christmas lights is entirely up to your decorating purpose. 

Choose round bulbs for your Christmas lighting if you love a more classic vibe. They're larger than most other alternatives and provide your space with a classic feel and look.

Use fairy lights with tiny bulbs if you're going for a more soothing effect on the Christmas tree or Christmas wreath. Smaller bulbs are preferable since they don't take up as much space, so they prevent the wreath and tree from becoming too dense.

In addition, there are various shapes to choose from, including flowers, candies, snow, etc. These lights provide the impression of a one-of-a-kind design element and are ideal for outdoor decoration.

Lights' Length

A string of Christmas lights may be as short as a few feet to adorn a doorway or as long as more than a hundred feet to cover a whole garden. So, consider the surface area you want to cover while deciding on the length of the lights.

Use a short strand to decorate a narrow space, such as a doorway or arbor. Meanwhile, a long strand is ideal for decorating wide areas, such as a porch, structure, or the trees and plants in a backyard. 

It's preferable to have lights a bit longer than too short, so always choose a string a little longer than necessary.

Adjustable Lighting

You should choose solar operated Christmas lights with brightness and light mode adjustments. These features will provide extra options for the celebration. 

This allows you to alter the brightness of the lights to your preference, from a bold, eye-catching display to a more understated accent. When relaxing on a patio or porch, dimmers enable solar operated Christmas lights to be adjusted up or down to suit the ambiance.

The use of various lighting modes may provide an already dramatic lighting show. Color changing, cascading twinkle strands, flashing lights, and even on/off synchronization with music are all possible lighting effects. 

For example, with some solar operated Christmas lights that can change color, you can decorate your house depending on personal choice and the desired color scheme. You can use bright white Christmas lights for an exciting and cheerful theme, white lights for a classic aesthetic, or multicolor lights for a festival atmosphere.


Can You Use Solar Operated Christmas Lights During The Winter?

Yes, you can use solar-powered operated throughout the cold months. When sunshine falls on the solar panel, it will continue to charge the batteries and provide enough energy for the lights to run.

However, batteries may only charge partially because of shorter days and weaker sunshine. This might cause them to run out sooner than they would in the summer.

How Do Solar Operated Christmas Lights Function?

You can use solar lights everywhere since they will still function even if there is no electricity. 

The solar panel that powers these lights is often mounted on a garden stake. The solar panel is staked into the ground and oriented to receive maximum sunlight during the day.

The panel collects sunlight, which is then transformed into electricity and stored in integrated batteries.

When the sun goes down, the batteries release their stored electrical energy to power the Christmas lights.

Depending on their capacity and how much power they hold, fully charged batteries may last all night long or for a good part of it.

Why Should You Invest In Solar Operated Christmas Lights?

Solar operated Christmas lights are must-have products because of the following advantages:

Reduce Electric Bills

One significant benefit of solar operated Christmas lights is that they won't increase your monthly electricity costs.

There Is No Need For Plugs

Solar lights not only help you save money on energy costs, but they also eliminate the need for electrical plugs. Because of this, you are no longer restricted in where you may place your lights.

Cordless Convenience

You may use solar-powered Christmas lights to decorate everything everywhere you like. Given that there is no hazard from dangling cables, solar operated Christmas lights are safe for users. They pose less of a fire risk and eliminate an electrical socket.


Solar lights are a great alternative to conventional holiday decorations since they don't use any nonrenewable energy in their operation.

What Is The Charging Time Of Solar Operated Christmas Lights?

Charging time is the time amount needed to charge a solar light fully. Time spent charging solar powered Christmas lights might be from 4 to 10 hours.

However, the lights may take longer to charge in shaded areas and on gloomy days. Therefore, you should put the solar in direct sunlight for a quick charge.


We hope you should pick out the best solar operated Christmas lights by carefully reading our thorough research. We advise investigating their dimensions, lengths, and operating modes for lights.

To help you make the right purchase, we can shortly conclude as follows:

You should choose the Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights for timeless style in the outdoor space. These lights can withstand harsh conditions. They also have year-round utility. 

The Joomer Solar Christmas Lights 72ft 200 LED 8 Modes are an outstanding deal if you're shopping on a tight budget. These Christmas lights bring you wonderful performance in the price range.

And if you need solar operated Christmas lights hanging on a tree, wall, doorway, etc., the Lemontec 2-Pack Solar String Lights are an excellent choice.

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