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31 Best Solar Street Light 500w in 10 2023 (Bestseller & Top Picks)

There are a lot of individuals who, as a result of the growing cost of energy, are seeking innovative methods to cut down on their monthly power bills. And there is no method that is more effective than making use of the finest solar lights.

Over the last several years, the solar lights sector has seen a tremendous evolution, and therefore, we now have solar-powered lights that are highly powerful. In addition, solar street lights with 500 watts of power are among the most often used. If you are finding the Best solar street light 500w, then you have come to the right place. This post was written with you in mind.

In this article, we will go through some of the very finest solar-powered 500w lights currently available on the market.


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Top 5 Best Solar Street Light 500w: Benefits

Solar Street Light infrared sensor solar public lights are the total solution for unique and cost-effective lighting, bringing efficiency to customers. 
The solar sensor LED light is very suitable for large spaces and can illuminate the home yard, football field, playground, villa garden, gate, park, or street ... environmental impact of optimal cost savings.
This article will introduce the top 5 best solar street light 500w that may be helpful for you.
Let’s begin!







A-ZONE 500W Solar Street Lights Outdoor

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600W Solar Street Light Motion Sensor

Best Overall


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500W Solar Street Lights Outdoor

Best For Off-grid Living

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500W Solar Street Flood Light Outdoor

Best For Large Homes

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Solar Street Lights Outdoor

Best Budget

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Why Should You Believe This Article?

Based on 8,559 shopper reports, we have compared 23 of the most delicate 500w sun-powered road lights of the same class to create the perfect item for you. 
In the past, we have gone through time investigating and testing thousands of 500w sun-oriented street lights, finding the preferences and impediments of these items. 

From a reasonable and objective point of view, we are going, as it were, to rate the 500w sun-based road light as excellent quality to create beyond any doubt not to squander cash just like the others.

Top 5 Best Solar Street Light 500w: Detail Reviews

Here are the five best solar street light 500w that numerous individuals accept in choosing from with the focal points and impediments of each:

1. A-ZONE 500W 50000LM Solar Street Lights Outdoor


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This road light is coordinated with 468 tall brightness vitality sparing Driven dots, appropriate for expansive open-air places such as yards, plants, stopping parts, stadiums, etc.

The sun-oriented road light turns on at dusk and off at daybreak. 
The advantage of this light is that it can be controlled by inaccessible control counting a full/half brightness button, 3/5/8 hour programmed commencement mode, and nine brightness increment/diminish gears.

It can store vitality rapidly, has a photoelectric change rate of 20% higher, and with built-in 32650 lithium battery. 
The sun-based road light takes 6-8 hours to charge (indeed on cloudy days) completely, and the road light can function for approximately 16-18 hours in full brightness mode.

This item is moderately simple to introduce. There are two sorts of mounting, one for the divider and one for the column (2 to 4 inches in diameter).
This solar street light is IP65 grade waterproof. It can keep working even on rainy days. 
You have no extra electricity bills, cost savings, and convenience, and we offer a 2-year product warranty service.


  • High-quality solar panel
  • Easy to install
  • Long battery life


  • Mounting hardware is not great


2. 500W Led Outdoor Light Solar Street Lights Outdoor


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500W Sun-powered Road Surge Light Open-air, 25000 lumens tall quality sun-oriented lights can meet the requirement of larger places, like lighting more extensive settings for Stopping, Stadiums, Gardens, and Walkways. 

IP66 waterproof and weatherproof item. Usually, the most acceptable alternative for complimentary power bills.
Sun-based lights from sunset to first light have three control methods: 

  • Light sensor: Consequently, auto turn the light up when the day is off and turn it off when the day is on;
  • Movement sensor: The street light will switch to stamping mode when the light identifies a moving object.
  • Remote.

This product will be helpful to utilize over long separations with multiple modes; It allows you to use the farther control to drive, clock,  the switch, brightness alteration, comfort, vitality sparing, and zero.
The Driven sun-oriented light made within the unused vitality vehicle battery (3.2V / 48Ah) contains a longer life expectancy and is more secure and steady than the Lithium battery.

 500w Dusk to down can work from 12 to 14 hours if it is full charge 6-8 hours, approximately 36 hours in dark mode.
Open-air sun-based lights have mounting adornments, and no electrical association is required. 
There are two mounting alternatives, one on the divider and the other on a post 2 to 4 inches in the distance. 
This light is perfect for roads, streets, patios, private gardens, yards, etc.

The company gives 36 months after-sales benefit and lifetime specialized back from producer dealers, worry-free with sun-oriented lights more than 50,000 hours life expectancy. 
If you don't mind, contact the company if any issues arise.


  • Easy to install
  • Dusk to dawn, remote and motion sensor control included
  • Energy saving


  • If complete charging, it only provides 6 hours


3. 500W 30000 LM Solar Street IP67 Solar Street Flood Light Outdoor


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Driven sun-based road light may be a super shining open-air item. Tall quality 500W 30000 Lumens sun-oriented ball court light with IP67 water and climate resistance.

The sun-powered boards of the light are more significant than average, as it takes almost 6 hours to completely charge if it is on sunny days and steady light for nearly 20 hours. 

Items are prevalent in most sun-oriented lights from dusk to first light on the market.
There are two mounting ways, one is mounted on the column, and the other is on the divider—nitty-gritty establishment informational within the package.

It can be programmed on/off the product. It depends on light sensors to form light emitted from sunset to first light. 
Other than that, the light offers a movement detecting mode. It'll naturally change to checking mode if the street light recognizes a moving protest. 

After about 17 seconds, the outdoor solar road light will light up at 1/3 brightness, most extreme vitality sparing. 
You'll be able moreover to utilize the on/off button on the farther to turn the sun-based lights on or off.
The company offers a 24-month worry-free after-sales benefit. For any address almost the item, you'll contact the company at any time and continuously be cheerful to answer.


  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting


  • Hard to find places to replace the battery


4. 500W 30000 Lumens Solar Powered Light IP66 Dusk To Down


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Super bright outdoor solar street light with the capacity of 500W 30000 Lumens is used as parking lights, using high-quality solar energy. 

The product provides enough light for larger venues. It is one of the best options for saving on electricity bills.
The item offers the comfort of long-distance utilization in numerous modes, including clock mode, light mode, and movement mode.

For illustration, "2 + 2" implies the primary 2 hours of constant brightness mode. At that point, the 2-hour movement sensor mode, at last closed. Farther control separates approx 16ft with battery included.
The item can light persistently for 18 hours on the off chance it ultimately charges. 
Driven road lights will naturally switch to 100% brightness when recognizing a moving protest. 

Open-air sun-powered floodlights can keep your domestic security when outsiders approach. Typically an item that makes a difference to spare vitality for families.
Post lights come with flexible metal brackets, and sun-powered lights can be introduced on posts, dividers, ground, and anyplace outside by altering diverse points.
If you have any questions approximately the item, you'll contact the neighborly client benefit division of the company.


  • Remote control included
  • Four light options included
  • Auto light up the day is off and auto-off the light when the day is on


  • Remote only works less than 16 ft


5. 500W 30000LM IP66 Solar Street Light Motion Sensor


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500W sun powered road light gives 30000LM super brighter sunshine at night and 800pcs super shinning 5730 Driven globules, 3.2v/30000mah battery encompasses a life expectancy of up to 50000 hours. 

This item to charge will require 6-8 hours, persistent utilize more than 12 hours. The board does not have to use additional complicated wires, spare establishment and upkeep costs, and power bills.
This sun-oriented road light has exceptionally excellent waterproof, rainproof, and lightning security execution, temperature resistance of -20 ~ 120 °.

IP66 waterproof items can work in all terrible climates, safe in extraordinary climates. Inaccessible control separates approx 25ft (counting batteries). Alteration mode continuously turns on the light in 25% -100% brightness mode.

The item is additionally provided with radar mode. Typically light and movement detecting mode.
You can contact the neighborly client benefit division of the company if there is any question about the product.


  • Energy saving
  • Memory function included in  remote control


  • Not at all


In conclusion, the solar street light 500w is extremely popular with the mission of providing light for the yard and the street in or near your home. 
Below is some information about the top best solar street light 500w, which helps you find which one suits you.
I hope the information about the top best solar street light 500w will be helpful for you. 
If you have any questions, let’s leave them in the comments below to get answers as soon as possible!

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